LACSI 2004 Talk: The Productive Use of High-End Computing Systems for Applications in Computational Biology

Oct 14, 2004 10:00 AM — 11:00 AM
Santa Fe, NM

Workshop on Building Scalable Simulations of Complex Socio-Technical Systems

Complex socio-technical systems consist of a large number of interacting physical, technological, and human/societal components. Examples of such systems are urban regional transportation systems, national electrical powermarkets and grids, the Internet, ad-hoc communication and computing systems, public health, etc. Realistic social and infrastructure networks spanning urban regions are extremely large: consisting of millions of nodes and edges. As a result, the detailed simulations capable of representing such systems consist of millions of interacting agents. The challenges pertaining to design and implementations of such simulations on high performance computing platforms are unique, e.g., computation of extremely large dynamic unstructured composed networks. The workshop aims to bring together some of the leading researchers with the goal of identifying fundamental issues in designing, implementing and using such simulations on current and next generation high performance computing architectures. Examples of topics that will be covered include scalable HPC oriented design of such simulations; distributed algorithms and their implementations; formal specifications and simulation specific HPC system software.

David A. Bader
David A. Bader
Distinguished Professor and Director of the Institute for Data Science

David A. Bader is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Computer Science at New Jersey Institute of Technology.