State of the Journal


I am excited with my new role as incoming Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS) and look forward to serving the community over the next several years. As a brief introduction, I am a full professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and have a rich service record to the IEEE and the leading conferences and journals. One of my first official duties as incoming EIC is to recognize and thank Ivan Stojmen ovic for his dedication and service to TPDS. I’m inheriting a very healthy publication: As the former EIC, Ivan has been proactive to make TPDS one of the fastest growing among all of the transactions in the IEEE Computer and IEEE Communications Societies to accept and publish papers, within 36 weeks on average. TPDS was among the first of the IEEE transactions to adopt the OnlinePlus publication model, and the abstract booklet and disk are distributed on a quarterly basis to subscribers. My goals as EIC are to increase the visibility and relevance of TPDS. The IEEE is a hallmark of quality for technical publication. The value TPDS brings to the international community is in its collection of the highest quality research that is relevant to academia, industry, and laboratories. I will investigate new opportunities for TPDS to capture the best ideas and explore innovative ideas for partnerships with the leading parallel and distributed systems conferences in new mechanisms for publication. Last year, the scope of TPDS was updated to refl ect the latest and exciting developments in the area, such as manycore systems, network on chips, cloud computing, social networks, wireless networks, and cyber-physical systems. TPDS will continue to modify its scope to refl ect the state of the art in the research areas of parallel and distributed systems. I expect a very active discussion of the TPDS editorial board as we continue to modernize the scope by incorporating ‘hot topic’ areas.

IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems