ROI Influencers: Technology 2022 — Thought Leaders & Academics

Innovating: If your company isn’t doing it, it probably will not be around for very long. We all get that. The question is: Who is doing it best?

That’s what we set out to tackle in our second annual ROI Influencers: Technology list.

Our goal was to select those who are having the most impact in the technology and innovation sectors.

Categorizing the list wasn’t easy.

It starts with the founders — those who have created the cool and innovative companies that dot the state. But it wouldn’t be complete without the investors that helped many of them grow, the academics who are mentoring and inspiring the next generation, the executives of tech companies that give the state such a rich ecosystem and the thought leaders that help bring everyone together.

This year, we’ve added the key service providers who are helping these companies grow — and the chief technology and chief innovation officers, the ones that are the heads of so much internal innovation.

We’re overwhelmed with the quality of honorees on the list — and humbled to know that there are many others out there deserving of the recognition. We’re confident this list will only grow each year.

David Bader, Distinguished Professor, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Technology 2022: Thought Leaders & Academics

David Bader
Director, Institute for Data Science
New Jersey Institute of Technology

An expert in massive-scale analytics and computational genomics, he is the founder of the Department of Data Science. Was recently named a fellow by the Association for Computing Machinery.

David A. Bader
David A. Bader
Distinguished Professor and Director of the Institute for Data Science

David A. Bader is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Computer Science at New Jersey Institute of Technology.