CuraGen Assembles Most Complete Mouse EST Database to Date

Scientists at CuraGen Corporation have coordinated the assembly of the most complete mouse EST database to date.

The assembly took as input 45,683 clusters of public mouse ESTs. The CAP2 program was used to perform the assembly, producing 49,228 assembled sequences (some clusters produced multiple assemblies) with 3-fold coverage on average.

The database assembly was computationally intensive, taking approximately 2 minutes per cluster on a Sun workstation. The assembly was distributed across computer resources worldwide for rapid assembly of the entire data set in a weekend.

Participating in the assembly process were Dr. Greg Schuler, NCBI, who provided the initial clusters; Dr. Xiaoqiu Huang, Michigan Technological University, author of the CAP2 program; Dr. James Knight, CuraGen Corporation; Dr. Moshe Eisenberg, SUNY Stony Brook; Dr. David A. Bader, University of New Mexico; and Dr. H.-W. Mewes, Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry.

CuraGen Corporation (ticker: CRGN, exchange: NASDAQ) News Release - New Haven, CT, May 18, 1997


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Director, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations
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David A. Bader
David A. Bader
Distinguished Professor and Director of the Institute for Data Science

David A. Bader is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Computer Science at New Jersey Institute of Technology.