Massive Graph Analytics (Chapman & Hall / CRC Press), 2022

Expertise in massive scale graph analytics is key for solving real-world grand challenges from health to sustainability to detecting insider threats, cyber defense, and more. Massive Graph Analytics provides a comprehensive introduction to massive graph analytics, featuring contributions from thought leaders across academia, industry, and government.

Graph Partitioning and Graph Clustering (American Mathematical Society), 2013

10th DIMACS Implementaiton Challenge Workshop

Scientific Computing with Multicore and Accelerators (Chapman & Hall / CRC Press), 2011

The hybrid/heterogeneous nature of future microprocessors and large high-performance computing systems will result in a reliance on two major types of components: multicore/manycore central processing units and special purpose hardware/massively parallel accelerators.

Petascale Computing: Algorithms and Applications (Chapman & Hall / CRC Press), 2008

Although the highly anticipated petascale computers of the near future will perform at an order of magnitude faster than today’s quickest supercomputer, the scaling up of algorithms and applications for this class of computers remains a tough challenge.