Adam McLaughlin

Research Scientist / Engineer

D.E. Shaw Research

Adam McLaughlin is currently a Research Scientist at D. E. Shaw Research. He is currently working on embedded software and hardware verification for Anton, a massively parallel supercomputer used for fast simulations of molecular dynamics for drug discovery projects and fundamental biochemistry research. As David’s doctoral student, Adam worked on accelerating various graph algorithms using GPUs; one paper produced from that work, “Scalable and High Performance Betweenness Centrality on the GPU”, was a Best Student Paper finalist at the 2014 Supercomputing Conference and was included as a Research Highlight in Communications of the ACM. In his free time, Adam enjoys concerts, comedy shows, and reminiscing about his days as a semi-professional poker player.


  • PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering, 2015

    Georgia Institute of Technology

  • MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Georgia Institute of Technology

  • BS in Computer Engineering, 2011

    Boston University