James Fairbanks

Research Engineer

Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)

James Fairbanks works as a Research Engineer at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, where he studies computational science and engineering and data science. He leads several research programs including DARPA and ONR projects on AI, and scientific knowledge representation. Dr. Fairbanks focuses on developing mathematical techniques and computational technology for understanding data via algebraic and combinatorial structure. For example using knowledge graphs and algebraic modeling languages for understanding scientific models and experimental data. His previous work on applied graph theory included mining and analyzing online and social media and social networks. During his graduate studies, James applied numerical analysis to graph mining algorithms such as Spectral Clustering and Algebraic Graph Centralities to develop both theoretical results connecting numerical accuracy to data analysis quality and practical improvements to iterative solvers for said problems. He has been a significant contributor to the Julia language for technical computing since 2015.


  • PhD in Computational Science & Engineering, 2016

    Georgia Institute of Technology

  • MS in Computational Science & Engineering, 2014

    Georgia Institute of Technology

  • BS in Mathematics, 2012

    University of Florida